For those unhappy with the scarring on their body after childbirth or large changes in weight, MicroPen for Stretchmarks offers remarkable results!

What is MicroPen for Stretchmarks?


Essent MicroPen for Stretchmarks an advanced medical procedure used to stimulate new elastin and collagen formation as a medical grade serum is infused into a deeper layers of your skin.  Our professional staff will create microchannels in your outer skin layers resulting in deeper penetration of medical and organic serum.   This new medical technology is a fabulous treatment for overall skin rejuvenation and this treatment has amazing results for scarring, skin discoloration and skin texture. Micropen is safe for all skin types!  Also, it is also safe on tanned skin and can be done during the summer months without side effects.   Also, MicroPen can be done in series with laser treatments.  In addition, this treatment can be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for even better results. We often find the best results occur when used as a series of 3-6 treatments or more.  

What will I experience during the MicroPen for Stretchmarks?

  A topical anesthetic will be applied on the skin to ensure your comfort during the treatment.   While you relax with a topical anesthetic, our experienced spa staff will provide you with a hand, arm, and neck massage.  Once your skin is anesthetized, the professional staff will use the MicroPen drive hyaluronic acid into your skin.  You will feel a mild sandpaper like sensation during the procedure. After the procedure, your skin maybe be flushed appearing and slightly irritated.  We recommend you apply Intensive Repair Serum by Spa Script MD twice to three times daily for the five days.  After 12 to 24 hours, you can use makeup as needed to cover any residual redness as needed.  Your skin will continue to improve for one to six months after your treatment! Typically, client use 3 or more treatments for best results. 50 minutes.

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Consider combining this treatment with Essent Scar Eraser (a laser treatment) or Essent Vampire PRP Treatments

Check Out Jennifer Perry RN Before and After Micropen!

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