Brotox helps men achieve a younger, more rested appearance using techniques specialized for men.

What is Brotox for Men?

Brotox for men is a term for using Botox or Dysport to treat fine lines and wrinkles in men.  Botox, Dysport, and other medications are designed for those who desire reduction or elimination of wrinkles in certain areas of their face. These include the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the lateral eyes (“crow’s feet”), the upper lip, and the top of the nose . We also use botox and dysport to slightly raise the eyebrows (the No Surgery Browlift) and the corners of the mouth.


While we may treat the same areas in men and women, the techniques and placement of the actual injections maybe very different to ensure we maintain the masculine appearance of the male face.

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How does Botox Work?

Throughout your body, motor nerves tell muscles to move by releasing “neurotransmitters”, or chemicals that causes the muscle to contraction.  We selectively use Botox or Dysport to interfere with this communication leading to decreased movements of abnormally moving muscles.

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When will I Notice the Effects of my Treatment?

We feel Dysport works sooner than Botox.  Usually, our clients using Dysport see dramatic improvements by the third day after their treatment.  We will re-assess your injections at one week to make sure everything looks perfect!

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Which type of Wrinkles will Improve with my Treatment?

Wrinkles that are created by muscle movement are drastically improved with botox. These wrinkles are referred to as “dynamic”, and are usually not as prominent when the muscles are relaxed. In contrast, a “static” wrinkle which is present even when the face is completely relaxed can has less improvement with botox, but may improve with  injectable fillers.

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How Long Will My Treatment Last?

We find Dysport lasts longer than Botox.  You will still see effects of your treatment for up to four months, but we recommend retreating the area every three months to keep your face looking consistent and natural.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Our treatment cost $14 per unit (if you decide to book online, you will see the Botox Experience which cost $70 and include 5 units (14 x 5 = 70).  Included is your complimentary follow up visit in one week to reassess your injections.  If you use over 30 units in a single visit, you will qualify for a complimentary express facial at the time of your follow up visit.  Often, we offer promotions through the manufacturer of Dysport.  Be sure to sign up at to collect loyalty points for discounts on your treatments!

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Renuka Egger
Renuka Egger
15:24 17 May 17
Loved this spa and the experience. The tranquility room is beautiful and serene and it was a pleasure to wait there until my facial began. The facial was amazing. Loved the location in Wayne, and lots of parking. Online appointments make it so easy to schedule. I definitely recommend the facial.
Keith Waters
Keith Waters
18:21 19 Apr 17
My wife had an appointment and she loved the entire experience, she even extended the treatment an extra 30 mins. She raved about Stacey whom she said was phenomenal. the staff treated me great, they provided me with beverages, snacks and updates while I waited. I already have an appointment for my wife to go back in 2 weeks. She was very happy which makes my life happy!!!!
Elizabeth Finegan
Elizabeth Finegan
18:32 10 May 17
Awesome staff and relaxing environment! Can't wait to try the vampire facial! Just went back for a second treatment and I still can't believe how accommodating the staff was. And they are open on Sunday's!!! A truly parmpered experience and great location!
Sandy Ross
Sandy Ross
02:27 11 Feb 17
Look no further, THIS SPA IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! The massages are heavenly and the facials are the best! [I even brought my daughter in for her first facial - I wanted it to be done right! Thank you, Dr. Alison!] While there are a handful of nice spas on the Main Line, this really is a class above; gorgeous decor, truly RESORT-class! I usually only get massages on vacation and this definitely has that vibe. Check out the pictures! I've recommended it for co-workers traveling from out-of-state (NY'ers, Californians, Chicagoans) - they love it! Fabulous gift idea! Love this place!
Marcie Shapiro
Marcie Shapiro
17:14 29 Mar 17
I love Essent Spa! I have had several facials and treatments and have been pleased with all of them. The staff is so friendly and helpful and I love that Dr Allison is always around to give suggestions. Can't wait for my next visit!!
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